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Building outline

IT Park has 3 Buildings:
A, B, C.

To get information about the occupied and free areas click on the respective building image.

Plan of IT Park

About us
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The reference point of foundation and development of our organization is foundation of Yerevan branch of Moscow Scientific – Research Centre “Algorithm” on the 12 of October 1976.
In 9 months Yerevan Research - Industrial Centre SSIU “Algorithm” AU “SoyuzEVMkomplex” was established as a result of some transformations. “Algorithm” was specialized in the sphere of computing techniques programming and technical means, manufacturing the latter and providing technical support.
In 1982 “Algorithm” once more experienced transformation turning into Scientific-Educational Centre and expanding the frames of its activity to computing techniques programming technicians’ training. In 1987 the first Armenian Scientific-Industrial Union of Computing Techniques and Information Science was founded. In 2000 fundamental system changes took place in accordance with Management decision and as a result of this “Algorithm” started its new stage of development becoming Closed Joint-Stock Company (CJSC). Maintaining its new development way in August 2003 the personnel privatized the centre purchasing the stocks of the company from the Government of Armenia.

Currently the centre is called “IT PARK” which is a modern, dynamically developing business centre where about 50 companies from various fields of business world are located.
Considerable part of those companies are leading IT companies, which enables to maintain the principal idea of previous activity of the centre. Thus, Center for Information Technologies (CIT) has been operating successfully since 1992 with Gagik Karapetyan being the president of it as well as the President of IT PARK Shareholders’ Council.
The complex is provided with permanent energy and water supply, central heating and ventilation system, safe parking lot, turnstiles, video surveillance as well as 24/7 security. Our specialists will also provide renters with internet connection of fibber – optic type, office equipment, IP – telephony and etc.
For more information about services of the business centre please visit the SERVICES section of this Website.
Principle dates:
  • 1976 year, on the 12 of October – foundation of Yerevan branch of Moscow Scientific-Research Centre “Algorithm”
  • 1977 year – foundation of Yerevan Research - Industrial Centre SSIU “Algorithm” AU “SoyuzEVMkomplex”
  • 1980 year – construction of architectural unique complex of “Algorithm”
  • 1982 year – transformation of Scientific-Industrial Centre in Scientific-Educational Centre SSIU “Algorithm”
  • 1987 year – foundation of Armenian Scientific-Industrial Union of Computing techniques and Information science
  • 2000 year – transformation of “Algorithm” into Closed (Joint-Stock) Company
  • 2003 year –company privatization
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