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“Computing Technics & Informatics Scientific Research Institute” CJSC was founded in 1995, and the brand ”IT Park”, under which we carry out our activities, was founded on May 18, 2003:

The history of the company began in 1976, when the Moscow Research Center “Algorithm” was founded for the first time, which was engaged in computer programming, maintenance, training and retraining of personnel of the USSR states:

In 2003, by the decision of the management of the center, radical systemic changes were made, as a result of which the company entered a new stage of its development, becoming a CJSC, and in 2003, the company’s employees bought all shares from the Government of the Republic of Armenia:


Today the center is called “IT Park” and is a modern, actively developing business center that hosts 95 companies of the business world under its roof, the vast majority of which are representatives of the IT sector, thanks to which we can say with confidence that we have preserved the main idea of the activities of previous years:
IT Park is equipped with a round-the-clock security system (300 guarded parking lots, fire safety and GO-safety), ventilation and heating:
There is a small garden (green area) in the center, which is surrounded by three buildings, which allows visitors and employees of the Center to spend working holidays and meetings in a pleasant atmosphere:
The strategic policy of the business center is based on the idealization of the working conditions of the tenant, for which the company implements a variety of programs:
Today, all the Internet providers of Armenia work in the building, which can provide everyone with up to 1 GB of Internet access via fiber-optic and UTP wires:
IT Park has a car wash and catering outlets, cafes, payment (including crypto) terminals and cash-out devices:

Our services

24/7 Security Service
Uninterrupted Power Supply
Safe Parking lot
Cafe/garden inside the building
Implementation of startup and incubation projects
Conference and lecture hall
Uninterrupted internet